Alcoholism/Drug Addiction and Family Help

Alcoholism and drug addiction is an incurable and fatal disease. There is no cure other than a daily reprieve by not drinking or using a day at a time. Most sufferers are forced to go to an ALCOHOL & DRUG REHAB CENTER for the best chance of defeating their addiction.

Battling alcoholism is an everyday battle for some families. Even once an individual has been discharged from a rehabilitation facility, they might still be required to submit to a regular etg test to ensure that they have not relapsed and started drinking again.

Correspondingly, the hopelessness, depression and discontent that a suffering alcoholic/addict endures injure not only himself/herself but also everyone around the addict. Drunk driving, suicide, lost wages, the negative effects on the human body and mind, etc. also threaten the love, friendship and interpersonal relationships surrounding the addict. Fortunately, there are rehab centers similar to Enterhealth that could give them the support they need to recover from their addiction and get themself back on the right track.

Alcoholism can affect people of all ages. At the same time, for young people, the legal consequences of being found in Possession of Alcohol are particularly severe. Always seek professional legal guidance if you or someone you know has been affected by alcohol related charges.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon have helped millions of individuals and family members connected to the disease of drug and alcohol abuse.

I urge you to contact:

your local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) www.aasandiego.org or
Al-Anon — www.alanonsandiego.org or
Narcotics Anonymous (NA) www.sandiegona.org
… to learn more about these incredible fellowships.

If you are suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction or know someone who is, please share these resources with him or her. If you need more personal assistance, help finding treatment; require an intervention, need assistance finding meetings or advice for you or an addict who you love, please do not hesitate to call Chris.

Chris, A.A and Al-Anon Parish Coordinator, St. Therese Catholic Church