What is Challenge?

Virtue centered curriculum

  • Team based
  • Service driven
  • Teen led

They gain:

  • Friendship and fun
  • Grow in virtue and catholic faith
  • Become apostles and touch people’s lives

Challenge is a fun club for girls grades five through nine that helps them grow in virtue, friendship, and their Catholic faith. It’s a place for girls to learn about themselves by doing apostolic projects and creating a positive impact on family, friends, and the world.

The mission of Challenge is to evangelize and transform the world by forming today’s young girls to give their very best to others so that Christian culture will prevail in the hearts of everyone they meet.

Challenge’s recipe for success is based on the combination of doing apostolic work and faith formation. This dual approach helps unite the girls with Christ in order to live virtue, find happiness, and make a difference.

Each meeting includes a craft or activity, lesson and discussion where the girls really have the opportunity to share and participate when they are comfortable. They also really get to know each other over time, creating an environment of friendship.

Challenge meets weekly on Saturdays.
Please check the calendar for times and location.

For more information or to sign up for Challenge, contact Guadalupe at (858) 720-1824 or morfinguadalupe@yahoo.com.mx

Find us on Facebook at Challenge Girls at St. Thérèse

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What Is Conquest?

Virtue centered curriculum

  • Faith formation
  • Organize activities
  • Provides an atmosphere of adventure
  • Challenge physical, intellectual and spiritual

They gain:

  • Instill virtue
  • Develop character
  • Encourage spiritual growth

Conquest is part of our Catholic Youth Ministry Program for young men ages 10 – 16 years of age, designed to instill virtue, develop character, and encourage spiritual growth all in an atmosphere of fun and adventure. Conquest helps boys to reach their leadership potential and equip them to face and overcome the challenges of the world while making a positive difference. Conquest will them to be leaders who possess moral integrity and are committed to improving the communities in which they live.

This program is the heart of Conquest: “Forged in Virtue” a group of boys with spiritual formation and “Called to Serve” that is apostolically driven. The weekly activities include team Gospel reflections, a formative theme/question of the week, fun dynamic activities, fun physical activities and apostolic service projects. The boys just don’t talk about their faith, they live it! Conquest helps boys to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and what God may be calling them to do in their state in life.

Recognizing the obstacles and false ideals that youth encounter in today’s culture, Conquest empowers boys to face and overcome these difficulties rather than ignore and succumb to them. Conquest organizes exciting adventures and challenges; through these experiences boys learn that human and spiritual development can go hand-in-hand with many of their favorite activities.

Conquest, through its athletic, educational and creative programs, provides a wholesome atmosphere in which boys naturally develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their brother and friend. This bond will awaken in each boy a desire to serve as His apostle; it will motivate him to serve Church, home, community and school. In short, the program is designed to produce mature young men who live their Catholic life authentically.

Conquest meets weekly on Saturdays between 9:30 to 11 a.m. Please check the calendar for times and location.

For more information or to sign up for Conquest,
contact Luis Osorio at 858-703-7225 or

Click here for additional information on the National Challenge News and Events.

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