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You will need to fill out the form electronically, PRINT the form, AND click “submit. ” Once you click submit I receive the information. If you forget to print before clicking “submit, just click “edit this form” to go back to print the form you typed (you will not need to re-type it). If you have a second child to enroll in Edge, you may edit the form for that child, click print then click submit. Please submit one form for each youth.

Please bring the printed form and payment ($125 per youth) to the Parish office or place in the collection basket in an envelope marked EDGE – Jennifer Fry.

EDGE is a Catholic middle school youth ministry experience created for early adolescents in grades 7and 8.

EDGE is designed to meet the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents. Participants are always welcomed and encouraged to bring their friends to EDGE.

At this age, Junior High youth face different behavioral challenges as well as positive and negative ideas. Many of the values and beliefs that they held as children are now questioned and challenged. As young adolescents they are trying to figure out who they are and what they believe.

Within the context of faith, middle school youth are moving from a child-like spirituality to one that will hopefully reach its pinnacle, beginning with the work of EDGE, into an adult faith commitment to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Community.

The name Edge recognizes that middle school youth are possibly on the “edge” of a spiritual decision in their lives, and if we as a Church don’t act, we may lose them.

Therefore, we as a Church are going to give them the “edge” they need in life: Jesus Christ, the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture, the Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, and a Catholic Community to love, nurture and challenge them.

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