As a Eucharist-centered movement within the Roman Catholic Church, Life Teen leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. With the Blessed Virgin Mary as our intercessor and guide, Life Teen seeks to unleash the fullness of the Sacramental power present within the young Church.

At St. Thérèse of Carmel, our Life Teen program has given teens a place to form community and grow a deeper relationship with Christ.

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Life Nights

Mondays 7-8:30 pm         

Make Monday your favorite day of the week!
Loud music, big laughs, games, energy, and a welcoming community greet you where fun meets faith.
Keeping true to our identity, each meeting ends with an honest message of God’s love and plan of hope for our lives.

ALL high school students are invited and encouraged to come!


Friday April 21st: ALL NIGHT LIFE NIGHT!!!!

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Retreats and Trips

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