(Videos & pictures compliments of Fr. John, Fr. Paddy and Melissa Triebell)

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Fr. John and Fr. Paddy – It’s time to meet the pilgrims!

Sunset in Netanya

From Netanya to Galilee

A Very Rewarding Day!


Renewing Wedding Vows in Cana

The angel Gabriel sent by God to Nazareth . . . .

What a day!  A Lot for Reflection


 A Very Full Day and Rewarding Experience


On the Sea of Galilee

Friday, April 28 — Travel to Jordan for three days

Across the river to Jordan


Trip to Jerash, Jordan


Mass in Amman


Saturday, April 29

Citadel of Amman


Mt Nebo


Mt Nebo Homily


En Route to Jordan River and location of Jesus’ Baptism


Baptism – Jordan River


Mount Nebo towards the Promised Land


Sunday, April 30    Petra

Busy Morning to Petra


Prayer and Exploration at Petra


Mass in Petra


Road back to Israel


Monday, May 1

Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre


Stations of the Cross – Via Dolorosa


“I prayed for you all today – especially those sorrowing and suffering, those anxious and fearful, in the

most holy place which honours the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother into Heaven.” — Fr Paddy

Tuesday, May 2   Bethlehem

Wonderful Morning in Bethlehem

Mass in Bethlehem



Town of Bethlehem


Done for the day . . . .


Wednesday, May 3

Ein Karem – Where Mary Visited Elizabeth


A little time out for . . . . ICE CREAM!!!!


Pilgrims on the march to home of St. John the Baptist


Birthplace of St. John the Baptist


To Gethsemane for Mass




Praying for our Jewish brothers and sisters




Thursday, May 4  — The Last Day 🙁

4:30 am wake up call – on the bus by 5:30 am

6:30 am Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre


The Place of the Skull


Father Nick – Our Beloved Pastor
Homily and Blessing


Early Morning – Place of the Skull


The Lighter Side of the Trip





April 23 -27, 2017   PHOTOS















































Friday, April 28 Amman


Saturday, April 29

Mt Nebo






Jordan River




Sunday, April 30    Petra









Mass in Petra


Monday, May 1

Morning in Jerusalem


St. Mary Magdalene chapel at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre



Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre




Church of the Dormition (Falling Asleep) of Our Blessed Lady



Tomb of King David



The Cenacle – the Upper Room – Last Supper


Via Dolorosa



Church built upon where Our Blessed Mother was born



Saint Pierre en Gallicante




Back to hotel


Tuesday, May 2 Bethlehem

Shepherd’s Field




On this spot our Saviour was Born


Church of All Nations


Wednesday, May 3

Gethsemane and Mass – Church of all Nations




Ein Karem – Birthplace of John the Baptist




Church of the Visitation



A Walk . . . .


West Gate and the Wailing Wall



A little time out for R&R, Ice Cream and Fun



The most tech savy padres on earth . . . and the moon too!


Thursday, May 4 — Last Day of the Pilgrimage

Early morning (6:30am) mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre




The Dead Sea


And so it goes . . . . . .