Matrimony is a Sacrament of Vocations. The exchange of marriage vows in the sacrament points to the union and sanctification of the married couple in the likeness of Christ’s union with the Church. Matrimony celebrates and witnesses the covenant of love between two people and symbolizes in that union Christ’s covenant of love for the church.

At St. Thérèse of Carmel guiding and support is provided during the preparation period before the celebration and our Church is blessed with being favored by many people as a location for their Catholic wedding celebration. To get all the information, please see below under “Planning Your Wedding”.

Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations! Becoming engaged to be married is a big step. All of us who work with you during the marriage preparation process are eager to help you during the coming months. We know that planning a wedding can be a very hectic time for you. It is also a time that you will learn a great deal about one another. You may be wondering where to begin.

All couples wishing to be married at St. Thérèse of Carmel must be formerly registered, active and participating members of our parish community for one year before setting a date. Couples are asked to allow six to nine months to complete the marriage preparation program. Please call the parish office (858) 481-3232 or email to make arrangements.

We are delighted to share our beautiful church with you on the occasion of a most important day in your lives when you accept from God his special blessing in the Sacrament of Matrimony. Weddings are special and joyful times for brides and grooms, for their families and friends, and for the parish community. The new beginning, the love, the promise and hope that weddings are for us, make this celebration a special and grace-filled time. The Church welcomes its members to celebrate and solemnize their weddings in the context of our prayer as Christians. Indeed, so important is marriage in Christians’ lives that it is called a sacrament.

Great care is taken to see that the liturgy for this special moment is reverent, graceful, beautiful and open to the movement of God’s Spirit among us. Our sacramental celebrations are always rooted in listening to the scriptures so that we can be nourished and strengthened by God’s word. These celebrations are incomplete unless they are filled with song, with prayerful gestures and with the silence in which we hear the voice of God in our lives.

If you’re thinking of planning a wedding with us, there’s a high chance you’ve already got some outfit ideas in mind. Browsing online boutiques is a great way to find suits and dresses to make your big day that extra bit special – for more information click here.

Know of our sincere desire to cooperate with you to make your celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage a meaningful, enjoyable and memorable one. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them. May the Lord greatly bless your marriage and help your love to never stop growing and your happiness together to know no limits.