Returning Catholics is a parish program that reaches out and invites non-practicing or inactive Catholics to return home to the Catholic Church and resume active practice of their faith. The sessions provide updated information on the basics of Catholicism in a non-threatening support group format. The sessions are informative and formative.

Many people for many different reasons wish to come back to the Church but feel lost as to where they can turn. The Returning Catholics outreach is here to help in this process by extending open arms to welcome home those who have been away.

Returning Catholics may have many questions they want answered but are uncomfortable asking. We strive to create a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere in which to ask questions or address situations in their lives that are of concern.

For information on setting up a meeting to explore returning to the Church, please call the Director of Religious Education any time for and set up an appointment or just talk over the phone.

For questions or more information, contact Justin Combs, Director of Religious Education at or 858-481-3232.